Mother and Baby

Parents and Babies

"We have seen a real difference in our baby since approaching Liz to help us."

There are often strong forces during birth from which the baby mostly recovers in time. However, sometimes babies need gentle support to facilitate their recovery. Craniosacral therapy is frequently appreciated for its quality to help babies who usually respond quickly to treatment.

Craniosacral therapy can help deeply calm the baby, and gently release compression and distortions encouraging the baby's health to come into its own. I find this work most rewarding.

Mothers, fathers coparents or carers often bring babies to me for issues such as sleep problems, colic, feeding problems, digestive problems, agitation and traumatic or difficult births. Treatment can benefit all babies including those who have had problem-free births.

Babies are treated fully clothed on the table, on the parents' lap or whilst being cradled or feeding, awake or asleep.

I sometimes recommend craniosacral work on the mother as this can augment the baby's recovery and help the mother as well.


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