"Nowhere on the globe have I found as good a reflexologist".

Reflexology works on the principle that different points on the feet are linked to different areas in the body. By stimulating reflex points on the feet reflexology subtly impacts the whole body helping to improve health.

See interactive foot chart below (from Association of Reflexologists website).

Association of Reflexologists Footmap

I practice reflexology to help with

  • Stress - relaxing, helping the body restore balance
  • Support when undergoing cancer treatment or after treatment
  • Supporting pregnant women, helping with some of the side effects of pregnancy, relieving discomfort and helping prepare for birth
  • Rebalancing of mild hormone conditions
  • Convalescence - helping return to health

To further my knowledge and experience in reflexology I have trained in maternity, hand, precision and volunteered at the Stress project. Community based projects have included working for registered charity Hands Inc, and Living Space, both in Hackney.

Please note I use light to medium pressure treatments.

Reflexology is intended to complement, not replace, treatments and diagnoses your doctor may advise you on.

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