Stress and Trauma

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"An oasis of calm in an otherwise fraught world"

I have worked as a Craniosacral therapist for over 13 years. I have found that my work increasingly revolves around clients affected by stress and trauma. I am aware that many symptoms and health issues originate from this. Trauma experts Rothschild and van der Kolk agree that 'traumatic events exact a toll on the body as well as mind'.

Trauma can happen at any stage, right from birth, throughout childhood (developmental trauma), to adulthood. It is individual. We are affected in different ways. Certain things that might traumatise some people might not others. It can be one event or several events which have had an effect on us. This might include abuse, sudden loss, attack, work, financial or relationship stress, accidents, surgery, difficult births, difficulties when growing up, oppression, illness as well as seeing someone else going through trauma. Trauma expert P.Levine defines trauma as 'anything that affects our ability to cope'.

This can manifest in a range of ways; being speedy, or having a sense of being permanently alert, or a racing mind or jumpy, or sluggish, or numb or a kind of dreamy, fuzzy state or unable to be in the present and being clumsy or feeling easily overwhelmed or anxious or depressed. It can cause imbalance in the body which can potentially lead to a wide range of physical and mental health problems. Some examples are musculoskeletal pain,  chronic pain, headaches, migraine, fatigue conditions, inflammatory conditions, digestive disorders, hormone imbalance, poor immunity and burnout.

Latest trauma research finds that tension stress and trauma and post traumatic stress disorder are all interrelated and affect our bodies and minds in the same way. Also that 'healing trauma is about meeting the body' as the body remembers or holds the stress or trauma.

Craniosacral can be effective in helping to recognise and assist in coming out of hyper stressed states. It can help you become deeply relaxed.

Alongside the craniosacral I will help you to connect mind, emotions and body in a safe contained measured way. Often I will offer other recommendations to assist this process. I will work with you in a collaborative, respectful, empowering way. 

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