Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Massage Table

'I can’t recommend Liz highly enough she has helped me with my back and shoulder pain and with emotional stress'

As your craniosacral therapist, I tune in and listen to your overall well-being and specific issues created by life’s physical and emotional knocks. This way I facilitate release, and encourage health to manifest in your body. Similar to the way a counsellor listens to words, I listen to your body using a light touch, which can help you feel better. I help you become aware of your body’s messages so that you have tools to self regulate and participate in your own healing process.

I have a diverse practise.Over the years I have found that a wide range of health conditions can be helped - acute and chronic, physical and emotional - across the whole age spectrum, from babies and children to older people.

These include

  • Trauma,stress anxiety and burnout
  • Musculoskeletal issues: bad backs, knees, shoulders, feet, jaws, sciatica
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Fatigue conditions
  • Pregnancy support

I have found that my work increasingly revolves around clients affected by stress and trauma. I am aware that many physical and psychological health issues have their roots in stress and trauma.

 Included in the treatment for chronic pain I will use the findings of the latest pain science research and work with your whole pain experience.


'I feel so much better. I didn’t realised how much i'd improved until I was walking home. You are a complete wizard!'

'I must say my injured toe is markedly better after your cranial doings. Thanks... it seems mysterious and powerful to me'

'Thanykou – I have found a sense of peace within again'

'There has been an experience of opening which even after years of yoga, meditation etc. I never thought possible. As someone with experience of ME Liz understands implicitly. She is so attentive that I always leave searching to express gratitude that 'thank you so much' doesn’t cover it'

'Craniosacral therapy to me is like a gentle reassuring compassionate hug a loving mothermight give her frightened or hurt child to feel better. Liz has seen me at my most vulnerable, needing to feel better from the trauma and shock I have been through that my body sustained. I love the way she guides me through each session, with careful precision, combining her undeniable healing hands with her lovely personal energy and human warmth. We all need to feel better sometimes when our bodies just cannot support as they should and lizs practice is quite amazing – I always leave feeling more whole'

Craniosacral Therapy is intended to complement, not replace, treatments and diagnoses your doctor may advise you on.