Liz Garner MCST MAR
Craniosacral Therapist and Reflexologist

Liz Garner

"She really helps me on so many different levels."

I have 17 years experience in body work, qualifying in Reflexology in 2000, and in Craniosacral Therapy with distinction in 2005 with the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust, London.

One of my first responsibilites was to volunteer at the Stress Project in 2000. At the Healthy Living Centre's training clinic in Islington, I clinically supervised craninosacral students for over three years. It was there I set up and ran a craniosacral fatique clinic also for three years.

Other significant responsibilities have included working for Hands Inc - a registered charity whose aims are to inspire health and well-being by making complementary health more accessible.

In 2012 I qualified as a supervisor for craniosacral therapists, and am an approved supervisor for the Craniosacral Therapy Association.

Inherent to deepening and clarifying my work for a mindful approach to health, I meditate regularly and attend retreats. Having overcome challenges with my own health (bad back, CFS, and repetitive strain injury), cranial work has been an integral part to the healing and managing these conditions.

I work with people at all stages of life, from new borns to older people, and with a wide variety of health conditions. Working with you I make sure I can meet any particular cultural or health-related requirements you may have for your treatment.

In a peaceful setting on Navarino Road, East London the therapy room overlooks trees and gardens. It is close to North and Central London, with parking and good public transport links.

Healing approach

"An oasis of calm in an otherwise fraught world"

As a craniosacral therapist and reflexologist, I work with your body in mind, from a wide holistic view.

There are many factors that affect and support our health. Some of these are our environment, state of mind, job, lifestyle, politics, trauma, stress, relationships, culture and our genes. Understanding such factors and how they interrelate, is an element  of my approach.

During your treatment, I am careful to tune into whatever your body, emotions or mind present on the day. Sometimes we uncover a different health issue than the one you bring in. I encourage awareness of your body and  how it work interdependently with your mind.  Creating a safe, non-judgemental healing space for you is a priority.  

Supportive of your recovery outside the therapy room, I often advise on lifestyle changes to empower you in your own healing.

My personal ethics and professionalism run through every relationship I have with the people I work with.


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